1. Context for Induction/EPD

To be an effective teacher in the 21st Century means to be actively committed to the ongoing process of professional development. Teacher training does not finish at the end of the PGCE course. Rather, this is the introduction to a lifelong engagement in reflecting on and enhancing existing skills as well as seeking to develop new skills and expertise.

This process is something all teachers come to participate in through the PRSD framework. But the three years immediately following ITE help Beginning Teachers (BTs) transition from ITE to the PRSD via the Induction and EPD procedures. During this time, BTs are given access to support which is more structured and 'hands-on' as they seek to develop not only the skills of effective teachers, but also the deeper approaches of self-reflection and evaluation which will mark the on-going career of all good teachers.

Information on official procedures 

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2. Support structures 

The BT has access to the following support structure to help facilitate their progress through Induction and EPD. The main support relationships are the Teacher Tutor and the Head of Department, underpinned by the SELB, the Principal, and with input and support from other relevant staff as appropriate (including other BTs who may be in the school at the time).

3. Expectations of BTs

The BT/EPD teacher is

·         to be open, enthusiastic about and receptive to Induction and EPD;

·         to seek advice and support from the Teacher Tutor, Head of Department and other appropriate staff;

·         to become familiar with the school’s policies and schemes;

·         to use the Induction Action Plan and EPD PDAs to support continued professional development;

·         to review and reflect on teaching and learning, adjusting their plans in light of pupil’s achievements;

·         to self-evaluate and monitor professional development in conjunction with the Teacher Tutor and Head of Department;

·         to keep a portfolio of evidence of training received or attended and of reflective practice (including a Reflection on Critical Incidents Log).

4. Induction timetable 

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