EPD and the PDA 

What is the PDA?

The PDA cycle is based on a series of lessons

i.            where the BT develops his/her own professional expertise

o        based on priorities, discussed with the Teacher Tutor, emerging from:

§         personal needs/situation as a Beginning Teacher (including reference to feedback received at the end of the last

§         school based priorities (School Development Plan & PRSD)

§         departmental priorities

o        and based on the GTCNI Teacher Competencies

ii.            and which focuses clearly on improving pupil learning

o        and can focus on a whole class, small group or an individual within the class.

Useful downloads 

EPD PDA pro forma.doc EPD PDA pro forma.doc
Size : 0.078 Kb
Type : doc
GTCNI_Comp.pdf GTCNI_Comp.pdf
Size : 1.646 Kb
Type : pdf

How is it structured?

It involves at least two observations by the Teacher Tutor and/or the HoD. This follows the similar format to the Induction process: pre-observation meeting; observation; post-observation feedback.

·         Pre-observation – the Teacher Tutor and you will meet to clarify the focus and purpose of the PDA. You should have completed Section A in the pro forma (i.e. the section included below) prior to that meeting. The Teacher Tutor will discuss it with you during the course of the meeting. Please note that the PDA should, to some extent, build on the feedback you received at the end of the previous stage of induction, so you should refer to the feedback you received at that stage.

·         Observations

·         Post-observation – feedback will be given as promptly as possible after the observation. The Teacher Tutor will give you feedback on the strengths exhibited and the areas for future development and you will, through discussion and agreement, complete your own reflective summary contained in Section B (Reflecting on my practice) of the pro forma (see below).


How is it completed?

At the end of the PDA cycle, a reflective summary will be completed which draws together the progress made through the PDA. This reflection must be evidence based. There should be a maximum of three pieces of evidence which should be collected through the PDA cycle and retained for reference at the end:

·         Observation and written feedback from the TT must be one of the pieces of evidence.

·         In addition, the BT should keep a reflective log of significant events which may be referred to as evidence.

·         For other examples of evidence that could be collected, see the pro forma.

You can download the appropriate pro forma here in Word format which will allow you to edit it to suit your own needs.

Here is Section A of the pro forma (which is to be completed prior to the pre-observation meeting with the Teacher Tutor):

Here is Section B of the pro forma which you fill in after the post-observation discussions with the Teacher Tutor. 

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