Links to important publications that contain helpful information for your staff development.

These are some of the important DENI and ETI publications that you should familiarise yourself with. 

Three of the main documents are:

These are important publications from the Department and ETI and, amongst other topics, they cover the importance of, and methodologies to engage in, effective self-evaluation of teaching and learning and well as departmental leadership and management. 

This policy document was published in 2011 and it sets out an approach that is designed to support teachers and school leaders in raising levels of attainment in literacy and numeracy.

The Assembly’s Education Committee carried out an ‘Inquiry into Successful Post Primary Schools Serving Disadvantaged Communities’, publishing its report in March 2011.  The Inquiry aimed ‘to consider examples of successful post-primary schools serving economically and socially disadvantaged communities, identify the key characteristics/factors which contribute to their success and consider how they can be reproduced in schools where they are lacking’.  

The Department has provided the above response to the range of recommendations made by the Committee.

This Department of Education led web based platform links all phases, sectors and library boards across Northern Ireland.  Driven by 'Every School a Good School' NI’s regional policy for school improvement, ESaGS focuses on meeting the needs and aspirations of all learners in a rapidly changing society. It outlines a vision for all schools in Northern Ireland and school Self evaluation and self improvement are at the heart of it. These programmes will enable schools to disseminate good practice, one of the key components of the policy.

In addition, you may find some of these documents useful:

Key websites and blogs to follow

Much very useful material is available online to help us develop our thinking and understanding on learning and teaching. Here are a few that are recommended:

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